Life in France

Vil was living with his family in a small town in Southern France, the Basque Country, he had a nice house. One day his girlfriend asked him if he wants to have a dog because it now would be the perfect time for one. Vil agreed and they drove to a dog shelter near to… Read more Life in France

No Job In Germany

This morning Vil went to the employment office, to the health insurance and also to the job agencies to sort out his paperwork and to get back into the social system. No big deal, you might think, but when he went to the Job-Center he learned that it will be nearly impossible for Vil to… Read more No Job In Germany

What to do?!

So we needed to decide what to do. “The only wrong thing to do is nothing.” Option one We can accept the situation and give up. We can sit on the sofa all day, play video games, have long walks and at the end of the month receive just enough financial support to stay barely… Read more What to do?!

On the road!

Yesterday we slept inside Victor for the first time. A final test if everything is working fine. The sound system is working pretty good and the sound is loud and clear. For the moment we use an old iPhone as screen and multimedia command center. NOICE! We had a little party and celebrated the final countdown.… Read more On the road!

Controle Police!

When you think that the customs control you only at the border, well, you are wrong. Victor was just “examined” by French customs, but not at the border itself, they stopped us 500 km inside France, near to Lyon. We only wanted to have a coffee at a gas station, but the planned “10 minute… Read more Controle Police!

Dolf & KFC

Today KFC for Vil, there is free wifi as well. When he entered KFC he was a bit “amused” about the situation there. See yourself. Is there no one who cleans up? And Vil’s real name is for sure not Dolf. A big queue at the counter and only one cashier. Vil needed to wait 30… Read more Dolf & KFC

Wifi @ the beach

There is a comping place near to our parking spot at the beach. It’s the “Tres Estrellas Camping” in Gava Beach. Vil went to the reception and asked for WIFI and the girl gave him a voucher for an internet connection with 4 MBit WIFI and no limits. All of that for 2 Euro for… Read more Wifi @ the beach

More BLOGPOSTS to come!

Indy Maulkorb

I talked to Vil and mentioned that he needs to write more content on our blog. It’s not enough to write one short story a day. We need to feed our audience with more content to make them come back, follow and like us.

Nice Breakfast

This morning we met a very nice couple from fu****g Rauenberg. They came over and asked us if we came from Germany. The be precise from Heidelberg. Yes, we are!  “Hey, guys, when you read this don’t forget to contact us. We want to meet you when we come back to Germany .” Thanks for… Read more Nice Breakfast

Interview with Vil

Having some tapas we got the chance to ask Vil a few questions. Reporter: “Hello Vil, thank you for coming, it’s a pleasure having you with us!” Vil: “Thank you for inviting me. It is my pleasure.” Reporter: “Vil, tell us a bit about you and why you decided to ‘go on the road’ with… Read more Interview with Vil