On the road!

Yesterday we slept inside Victor for the first time. A final test if everything is working fine. The sound system is working pretty good and the sound is loud and clear. For the moment we use an old iPhone as screen and multimedia command center. NOICE! We had a little party and celebrated the final countdown.

We woke up with the smell of coffee and a smile on our face and Victor had a very good run. 

The first leg.

Today we made the first long leg to Barcelona. Around 800 kilometers in around 12 hours. We started in Germany, we nearly passed France. Finally, we had a rest at a nice river and I was able to have a bath and chill my paws in the nice and chilly water. Here are a few shots from our journey.

Now we are on our way, it can’t be a better day, the sun is shining and welcomes us to our better future somewhere in Spain. I like the sound of kilometres Victor is rolling away from our past into a new future. It’s warm and cosy, we take it not too fast and enjoy the amazing views. The color changes from green to a bit more brown, the air becomes more dry and we start to feel relaxed and warm.

Now it’s sleeping time again. Sorry for the short status update today, but it was a busy day and I am very tired. Please stay tuned for the next post.

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