Bla Bla Car to Germany!

We booked a trip with “Bla-Bla” car in a VW-Bus with four others, the pickup was in Bayonne very early in the morning. 1.300 km in a green and noisy Volkswagen box. Time to think what we gonna do when we arrive in Germany. Vil wasn’t living in Germany for more then 10 years and he has absolutely no idea how it will work out when he registers at the town, the job-center and the health insurance. Paperwork……. BOAH!

The trip went with no issue, it was booooring and after 15 hours driving, several coffees and toilet stops we arrived late night around 03:00 am, but no one was there to pick us up. We tried to call our friend more then once, waited for around an hour, until we decided to take a taxi to his place.

When we arrived, we rang the bell several times, no one opened the door and after a few minutes trying Vil gave up. “Let’s have a smoke first.”, he said, sat down and rolled a cigarette. So we waited, tired, freezing, it’s raining and no coffee.

Around one hour our later our friend showed up. Totally wasted and surprised to see us. Unfortunately, our friend “forgot” our arrival today and was on the road partying with his freaking mobile phone switched off.

Anyhow, finally we arrived in Germany, a new country for me no long-term solution, but a place to stay for the next few days.

Good night Bark!

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