Merry Christmas 2019

2019 really sucked, it was a real rollercoaster and currently, we might lose our flat and all our belongings because we have no money to pay the rent or any other bills. Why this?, you might ask.

Well, Vil was not working long enough in Germany to be entitled to any welfare, so he needs to prove his employment in Amsterdam, but this is another country and paperwork is slow and bureaucratic. 

Now we need to wait for or PD-U1 form to arrive and until then we are very tight on the money. Ok, when the PD-U1 will arrive we will get a very nice payment and everything will be fine again, but until then we need to survive with no money and most likely with no flat.

All this sounds pretty depressing, but we are still in a good mood, because “Vil fucking cheated death!”. YES. he is alive and well and that is everything that counts!