Jobcenter again!

Today Vil went to the job-center and reported back. Just two minutes to show his face and that’s it. No news regarding any job offers, no possibility of any support, absolutely nothing.

Colours Inside! :)

After the operation, there was pain and I asked the nurse: “Is there anything with colours inside to help me to be as comfortable as possible for the moment?” She smiled at me and replied. “I think I can help you with that. I will need to ask the doctor for a prescription, but that’s… Read more Colours Inside! 🙂


Unfortunately, my digestive system isn’t restarting fast enough. The adjustment to the rewiring of my digestive system was not a small task and a common side effect is a slow digestive system. Longer ICU Stay It was planned that I need to stay only for three days at the ICU, but a few days later my… Read more Complications

Lab Results

Today my doctor received the lab results and she rushed into my room to tell me the good news. They checked some of the removed tissue because they suspected cancerous cells, but fortunately there weren’t. “It’s your second birthday today. Mark the date.” The doctor smiled at me, tapped my shoulder and rushed out of… Read more Lab Results

As time goes by

I am still at the ICU and I realize that the recovery process will last longer than expected, but there is hope because the recovery process improves a little bit day by day. No more heavy pain medication needed, the sleep is ok and I had my first successful visit to the loo for days.… Read more As time goes by

No more “Nose-Tube”

After ten days they removed the “nose-tube” and I got a little freedom back. Still connected to a “ZVK” (Zentraler Venen Katheter) in my neck. Sensors for my heart rate and …

I am a cyborg!

I carry a new and fancy RFC Blood Sugar Sensor. No more blood needed to measure my actual status. Now I am directly connected to my smartphone and with a push of a button, I am up to date. Now an app monitors my sugar level in real-time and warns me if my levels get… Read more I am a cyborg!


Now, I need to tackle my blood sugar levels. As my digestive system slowly restarts and I need to learn how to adjust my diet to the new situation. It’s a try and error operation. I do have a little guidance, but now I need to combine a diabetes diet with a low ballast one.… Read more Sugar-Coaster

Back Home

Now I am back at home and wait for the rehabilitation treatment will start. I need to learn what I can eat, try to gain weight and an insulin pump needs to be adjusted to me. All these needs its time and I need to be patient. Feeling better. The loo works and I am… Read more Back Home

Have a nice day!

Well, well, well… The good news. The”re-wiring” worked. My digestive system seems to completely start up and slowly I can eat a little. Unfortunately, there is still the “occasional” nausea, but it gets better. I lost plenty of weight and I was never a big guy, more tall and skinny and now I am a… Read more Have a nice day!

Rehabilitation Centre Moelln

I need to attend a rehabilitation program. There I learned what and how to eat and how to gain weight without hurting myself. Three weeks of lessons, extra care, presentations, and additionally a mixture of swimming pool, massage, gymnastics or yoga, good food.


Vil went to the Jobcenter to apply for unemployment benefits. He spoke to his case manager and signed an application form. Unfortunately he needs to provide proof of employment from the Netherlands. A P103 Form to finish the registration. So he also needed to apply for welfare in a complete different office and wait for… Read more Jobcenter

Friday the

It’s now two months and still no reply from the Netherlands and no money from the unemployment office. My landlady and her partner are literally bangging on my door and demanding money. She even enganged an attorney to accompany her. She wants to kick us out, even before Christmas, because of us she can’t but… Read more Friday the

Merry Christmas 2019

2019 really sucked, it was a real rollercoaster and currently, we might lose our flat and all our belongings because we have no money to pay the rent or any other bills. Why this?, you might ask.