Have a nice day!

Well, well, well…

The good news. The”re-wiring” worked. My digestive system seems to completely start up and slowly I can eat a little. Unfortunately, there is still the “occasional” nausea, but it gets better.

I lost plenty of weight and I was never a big guy, more tall and skinny and now I am a walking skeleton.

I was not aware of how much time I need to recover. I would say half of the journey is over. “Bergfest”  another four weeks minimum and then it’s back to work. I am looking forward to being back because I like the work and my team is amazing. We know our stuff, we are German, we are efficient, and we are highly decorated. GO German Virtual!

Anyhow, next week Tuesday the Rehabilitation starts. Three weeks minimum. They will need a bit more time because they need to install and adjust an insulin pump and that takes time. I slowly transform into a cyborg. First the sensor and now a pump. Enough questions for the check-in.

A friend of mine stays in my flat because he found a job nearby. So, that’s taken care of.

So, let’s see what happens next.