Life in France

Vil was living with his family in a small town in Southern France, the Basque Country, he had a nice house. One day his girlfriend asked him if he wants to have a dog because it now would be the perfect time for one. Vil agreed and they drove to a dog shelter near to Bayonne.

At first, they checked out all older dogs, because Vil thought that puppies always find a new owner and he would like to give an older dog a chance. So, he saw all dogs and he wanted to leave and go home without seeing the small ones, but his girlfriend insisted. After all dogs, I was the last creature they saw. Vil immediately fell in love with me, since then we are together and best friends.

Life in the Basque Country was very nice. We all had a little house near to a river, and every day we had a long walk in the nature. I like to hunt birds and sometimes I was very close catching one, but never made it. They are really fast. Anyway, wonderful life in southern France life couldn’t be better for us. In Germany, they say: “To live like God in France!”

I had a boyfriend, Lou Chin, a very big nice guy and the night before the morning he was scheduled to lose his balls, but before he managed to give me a wonderful present. Actually three: Boule, Neige and Vache. “Ball”, “Snow” and “Cow”. My little Smallies.

All was a real dream, we planned to stay forever, but unfortunately our life changed from one day to the other and we needed to go back to Vil’s home country, Germany.

I don’t want to go too much into details, but I can say that Vil was hit by a personal tragedy which made it impossible for him to stay in France.

So, he arranged everything necessary within a few days, we went with little warning time back to Germany and this is the beginning of our story.

Ok, ….. Let’s go.

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