How to be a top performer and still get fired!

“Yes, you are a top performer.
Yes, you’ve got awarded in November for being a sales superstar.
Yes, you’ve got awarded for outstanding customer feedback.
Yes, you’ve got awarded for always helping your team and colleagues.
Yes, you are a valued member of the team.
Yes, there is no doubt you can do the job.
Yes, your KPIs are looking great.

Yes, we are still looking for new employees.

But, NO, we won’t extend your contract, because are too sick. You say, that you are better now, but….. we’ve got our procedures.”

Yes, I WAS very sick. Life-threatening sick and I needed to go to the hospital, had a major surgical procedure. They removed a part of my pancreas, the bile and spleen and then I needed to stay within the ICU for weeks. Now everything is better and I am back on track for a good recovery.

Six weeks ago you offered me to come back, but at that time my recovery was still ongoing. Now I am ready to go, but I can’t because you reconsidered. Finally, the “risk” of employing me is too high for the management.


Let me ask you: Where is the “We are a family”, “We care about each other”, “Work-life balance”…..? All fake news?

Disappointed, but: “Hey, I cheated death!”